Mobilität von Lehrlingen in Europa

Das europäische Netzwerk zur Förderung, Implementierung und Verbesserung der Lernmobilität von Lehrlingen



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“ECVET for Mobility” seminar, 21-23 November, Lisbon

Publiée le Montag 14 November 2011
ECVET TEAM (ECVET Secretariat) is mandated by the European Commission to support the ECVET European network, helping Member States in achieving the objectives set by the Recommendation for the implementation of the ECVET system.
In the framework of its activities, ECVET TEAM organizes the seminar “ECVET for mobility”, aiming at supporting VET providers, intermediary organizations and ECVET Network members involved in the learning mobility, in implementing mobility strategies according to ECVET principles and promote “recognized mobility” projects.
The seminar will be held in Lisbon, from the 21st to the 23rd of November.

Registrations are open on the ECVET TEAM website: