Mobilität von Lehrlingen in Europa

Das europäische Netzwerk zur Förderung, Implementierung und Verbesserung der Lernmobilität von Lehrlingen



The VET training system in Greece 

In the past few years there has been a change in vocational education and training (VET) in Greece: new institutions have been set up, innovative programmes have been implemented, the social partners have taken on a more active role, certification processes have been changed to conform more closely to European standards and curricula have been modernized.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Greece



Who is concerned?


OEEK Organisation for Vocational Education and Training (Organismos Epangelmatikis Ekpaidefsis kai
Katartisis, OEEK) operating in the field of educational mobility and keeping in track with the needs of the contemporary employment market, has been responsible for putting into practice the Europass – Training initiative.

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