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International BIBB Conference ''Work-based Learning in Europe - renewing traditions

Publiée le 4th-5th December 2013
Link to the conference

The international BIBB Conference "Work-based Learning in Europe - renewing traditions" on 4 and 5 December 2013 in Bonn will be a joint event with European partners to address various "work-based learning" models such as "apprenticeship" and "alternance", to discuss the associated consequences for the role and responsibility of the stakeholders involved (the state, companies, trade unions, learners) and to identify joint elements of various models of "work-based learning".

The conference is aimed at a specialist target audience, in particular VET experts and practitioners from different countries. It aims to make a contribution towards the joint identification of "best fit" solutions for the structuring of "work-based learning" in vocational education and training.