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Joint final conference Skillsbank & Yomtool

Publiée le 5th december 2013
Both projects are based on a common understanding of the importance of learning outcomes as concerns qualifications, recognition of prior learning, career guidance and employment. To optimize the outcomes of the two projects a joint final conference is organised to allow cross breeding between the two initiatives, the partnerships, conference participants and key note speakers.

Skillsbank (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences) aims at bridging between descriptions of qualifications and occupational profiles and career guidance. A fully fledged web based service is developed where descriptions and definitions of qualifications are made according to ECVET principles with learning outcomes organised in structured matrixes. A module for recognition of prior learning is an integrated element of the system to add to the quality of the guidance process.

YOMTOOL (NTI-MMM Multilateral Monitoring and Management) addresses three different targets through the integration into one general tool structure: Firstly, creating a cost-effective WEB based tool integrating the operative documents relevant and required in a transnational VET mobility. Secondly to secure that learning outcomes, certificates and qualification documents are individually described according to the ECVET principles, tracked and stored. The third is setting up an interactive database where the diversity of individually obtained learning can be easily exported into or attached or linked to relevant documents like Journeyman Certificates, sector specific certificates and the Europass documents.
Both systems are developed with multilingual service options covering relevant languages.