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Leonardo Da Vinci contact seminar in Tallinn

Publiée le Mittwoch 07 September 2011

The Estonian National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme is organising a contact seminar for the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.
It aims at bringing together people from organisations which share common interests and would like to develop European cooperation projects/partnerships in the field of vocational education and training.

This contact seminar is part of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation. Also, the NEW SKILLS network (http://www.newskillsnetwork.eu) project partnership will collaborate with the Nordic-Baltic partnership in developing a detailed theme for the seminar so as to ensure that new project ideas created during the seminar will focus on identified gaps in upgrading skills to match future labour market demands.
On this occasion EuroApprenticeship will be presented to the audience.
More information about the contact seminar: http://www.seminarTallin