Mobilität von Lehrlingen in Europa

Das europäische Netzwerk zur Förderung, Implementierung und Verbesserung der Lernmobilität von Lehrlingen



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Next Euroapprenticeship work meeting

Publiée le Donnerstag 16 Januar 2014
The seminar would be the opportunity to work together about our priorities identified during the conference in June:
  • Quality approach and engagements of the network and “label” (for training centers, companies);
  • Website developments (more interactivity, more interactive and individual accompaniment for members …); we are currently working on the next simplified version of the website and would try our best to presented a new version at the work meeting.  
The peer learning activities could be of course helpful and support the future cooperation.
We would also propose to collect propositions  and give the floor to members to present project ideas. It would be possible of course to “invite” organisations you think  of interest. APCMA will in particular invite some members among the network involved in particular in other networks and TOI projects.  
For this work session in Paris, APCMA is offering the rooms and lunch / diner during the meeting. Therefore the seminar might be limited to 25-30 participants at the most. The transport and accommodation would be at your charge.
Please find attached a short confirmation file were you can also identify briefly your project ideas and ideas to present to the audience.
We will need a confirmation of your attendance until the End of January latest