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Possible framework to facilitate placements at companies

Publiée le Donnerstag 19 April 2012

This DGEAC study addressing current legal and regulatory obstacles to the transnational mobility of trainees (covering students and apprentices in initial vocational training, people on the labour market and higher education students).
The study explored possible actions to be taken in view of creating a more conducive framework for transnational mobility of trainees within the EU. Whilst the study refers to ‘trainees’ in general, it also included ‘apprentices’ and the more specific concept of ‘apprenticeship’. The methodological approach of the study consisted of a combination of desk research and a wide stakeholder consultation at national and EU level. It covered all EU Member States and the EFTA/ EEA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey, and Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
On the basis of study findings and in line with broad stakeholder endorsement towards a common framework to facilitate transnational mobility of trainees, the study put forward suggestions for a “policy package”, which comprised the following four complementary instruments:
A. Recommendations to the Commission on changes to be made at the level of the current and/or post LLP;
B. Framework to facilitate transnational mobility for placements at enterprises;
C. Guidance instrument for beneficiaries in the form of a FAQ (e.g. “Did you know that...”), including an annexed Checklist; and
D. Recommendation on topics to be included in a formal policy paper from the Commission.

Study on a possible framework to facilitate transnational mobility for placements at enterprises - DG Education and Culture