Mobilität von Lehrlingen in Europa

Das europäische Netzwerk zur Förderung, Implementierung und Verbesserung der Lernmobilität von Lehrlingen



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PreMo: Prepara la Mobilità

PreMo: Prepara la Mobilità
Publiée le Montag 05 Mai 2014

PreMo: Prepara la Mobilità

Four Italian administrations have improved their capacity to support mobility by adopting models and tools to support preparatory activities for mobility. A structural collaboration between regions is set up to provide optimal service for the beneficiaries of mobility. The so called "mobility agency operators " of the PreMo network are in charge of the provision of this service. Thanks to a network of contact and services, they are the right people to contact for any service or request for assistance connected with your mobility. The contacts are all in the Vortal. The First version of the Vortal is planned to be operational by the beginning of June 2014 and will be accessible via http://preparalamobilita.eu/