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Request about partnership

Publiée le Montag 30 März 2015
The project takes place in a 2 year long KA1 Erasmus project for a Spanish consortium composed of the Provincial Government of Pontevedra and 18 VET schools.

We plan to send students in 2 shifts, one starting in October 2015 and the other in October 2016:

1. It has no economic cost to the company/organization although a local transport season ticket would be desirable.
2. The planned dates of start and end of the placement period must be between 01/10/2015 and 19/06/2017, with a total of 6 months. There will be 2 shifts one starting in September/October 2015 and the second one in September/October 2016.
3. The company/school must appoint an employed as mentor to supervise the student's work.

- pharmacy and parapharmacy
- laboratory technician
- tertiary care, nursing care
- health emergency
- office management assistants
- computer science
- international commerce
- refrigeration and air conditioning
- automobile electromechanical technician
- electromechanical maintenance 
- automatic and electrical machining
- technician boiler 
- welder
- digital prepress 
- printing and graphic arts
- agro-ecological production
- agroforestry production
- production of olives and wines
- garden centers and florists

5. Students will send you their CV to companies in the Europass format. The Curriculum Vitae helps to present skills and qualifications effectively and clearly. Examples and instructions.
- CV Europass (with photography and in English). We encourage our students to attach the Diploma Supplement to their CVs (as an annex)

6. The student must pass an interview (via Skype, Hangout, etc.) with the company/school prior to the start of the internship. 

7. Finally, the student's educational team must give its approval before joining the Training Agreement.

8. Contact: Cristina Prego c_pregodeoliver@icloud.com / info@pregodeoliver.com / Skype: cristina.prego / tel.: +34 609 906 645

PROJECT Coordinator 
Diputación de Pontevedra
cooperación@depo.es / www.depo.es 
Avenida de Montero Ríos S/N
36002, Pontevedra
+34 986 804 100