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Summer university FREREF

Publiée le Donnerstag 28 Juni 2012

The orientation of future European policies for 2014-2020 shows an outstanding comeback for the “territorial approach”, thus recognising the importance of territorial cohesion, on an equal stance with economic and social cohesion. The question of territories and territorial alliances for the policies and actions for Lifelong Learning will be at the centre of any considerations and will be structured around three workshops :
Carrefour 1 : Territorial alliances for which territorial dynamics?
Carrefour 2 / PLA EuroApprenticeship: How do Territorial Alliances sustain and foster the quality of mobility of youngsters involved in vocational training?
Carrefour 3 : Territorial alliances for work development and the struggle against youth unemployment: which are the experimentation issues and which are the territorial scales?
You will find all the documents and information:  

  • The detailed programme and the cultural activities
  • The registration form (including Access map and a list of hotels)
  • The form to reserve a meeting space
  • The form to participate in the Project Fair
  • The Call to contribute to the Carrefours 
on the FREREF website http://www.freref.eu

If you want to contribute to the ‘Carrefours’(workshops) please use the link to the form.
Be sure to send your proposals for contributing to the Carrefours at Joêl Bonamy (jbonamy@freref.rhonesalpes.fr )

Looking forward to meeting you in Metz!