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VET Excellence Awards 2018

VET Excellence Awards 2018
Publiée le Freitag 26 Oktober 2018

Within the framework of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship, the European Commission award excellence, quality and engagement in transnational mobility in the field of vocational training and apprenticeship. In the category « Learning at work - SMEs» we submitted the candidature of Nicolas GOUIN, Baker, Pastry baker and chocolatier and owner of the Bread Workshop « Atelier du Pain » in Cailly (Seine-Maritime). He is already one of the five winners of the French Master of Apprenticeship Award 2018, in the category "mobility ». “We voted for him not because he is representing France or our network, not because he sent his apprentices to Finland but also to Australia and China and that he is really interested in the (inter) cultural dimension of his craft, not because he is an excellent professional, who is also highly involved in his territory and in his village of Cailly,, we voted for him because he is a GREAT master of apprenticeship!”. 


The winner will be awarded by Mrs Marianne THYSSEN, European Commissioner for Employment at the closing event of the European VET Skills Week 2018 to be held in Vienna, Austria.


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Voting will close on 7 November 2018.