Mobilität von Lehrlingen in Europa

Das europäische Netzwerk zur Förderung, Implementierung und Verbesserung der Lernmobilität von Lehrlingen


Wie wird man ''awarding body''?


1st step
To become an EQAMOB&CO awarding body you need to first become first a member of Euro Apprenticeship.You can choose to become an EQAMOB&CO awarding body during the registration process, or you can upgrade  your membership to become an EQAMOB&CO awarding body at any time in the future.
2nd step
If you choose to become an awarding body, an application form needs to be completed, signed and submitted to the Euro Apprenticeship network who coordinates and supports the community of practices of awarding bodies (check this option in the registration file and your account)
3rd step
The Euro Apprenticeship network will check your application, validate your candidature and if accepted send you an EQAMOB&CO quality charter. If the candidature is not accepted we will provide further explanation.

4th step
Once validated,you will have access to all the EQAMOB&Co tools. You can immediatly start award the certificate and using the tools and materials. The network will regularly check your membership, which is valid for a period of 3 years. 

Check the videos for awarding bodies: