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2nd MOB'INNOV meeting

2nd MOB'INNOV meeting
Published Thursday 07 May 2020
The second transnational meeting took place the 9th -11th of March in Vienna at the office of IFA.   Due to the COVID 19 outbreak, Danish and Catalonian partners could not join the meeting but followed the discussion and made presentations via Teams Visio conference.

After a brief recall of project progress and management issues, the first evaluation was presented by IDAN (see WG2) followed by the second round of presentations of good practice examples. 
On the second day we had the opportunity to visit the SPARakademie and got a presentation about their training model and teaching practices. Spar is the only company recognised as a training centre in Austria and best practice example.The second day was also largely dedicated to the WG4 topic: the presentation of a good practice example how to monitor and evaluate / transfer outcomes of a KA1 staff mobility project (CMA France) was followed by a brainstorming session.
The main conclusion of the meeting was the idea of a common peer learning seminar in 2021 in France to experiment the overall system of monitoring. Next meetings should also allow to explore “open badge systems” for valorisation of expertise gained in a KA1 staff mobility.
On the third day of the meeting, partners discussed the expected impact and measurement of impact of the project itself. It was decided to stick to the indicators for impact in the evaluation grid and add if necessary extra indicators or comments for auto evaluation of the partners. Time was dedicated to a detailed review of the project presentation.  A short wrap up took place. Next meeting should be (theoretically) be held in October in Finland the week of 5th to 7th October. In between remote workshops via Teams could take place and will be planned.