Mobility of apprentices in Europe

The European network to promote, implement
and enhance learning mobility for apprentices


Awarding process

EQAMOB&CO label process involves three stakeholders:
  1. The Euro Apprenticeship network: issuing the EQAMOB&CO label, coordinating and supporting the community of practices of awarding bodies by giving them access to the EQAMOB materials and communication tools, managing the label website and social media;
  2. The Awarding bodies: supporting companies either in sending and/or hosting and monitoring the learning mobility. As a member of Euro Apprenticeship network , they assess the quality of the process, award the label and certificate, as well as suitable communication tools to companies;
  3. Companies: engaging in high quality of outgoing or incoming learning mobility; the label will allow them to communicate and validate their engagement in particular to their clients and among peers.   

How to deliver the label to a company?

The company is agreeing about some commitments:
  1. The sending company should agree on learning goals, be involved in the positioning and (professional) preparation of the candidates and participate in the evaluation / assessment process of the mobility period.​

    Hosting companies are asked to offer suitable and high quality learning and work environments matching previous identified learning goals or learner's profile. A tutor should be appointed for organising support and the follow-up of the learner. 
  2. ​Hosting / sending companies should participate in the evaluation and assessment of acquired competences and the learner's progress​
The awarding body check these assignments together with the company and organising the evaluation of the placement, including the fulfillments of the label criterias with the company.
The awarding body is then delivering the label (certificate and sticker) to the sending or hosting companies in his country.