Mobility of apprentices in Europe

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Awarding toolbox

When organising "In-company Learning Mobility", awarding bodies commit themselves to inform, support and advise companies about the quality criteria for sending and hosting:
The sending company agrees on learning goals, is involved in the positioning and (professional) preparation of the candidates and participates in the evaluation/assessment process of the mobility period​.
Hosting companies are asked to offer suitable and high quality learning and work environments matching previously identified learning goals or the learner's profile. A tutor should be appointed for organising support and the follow-up of the learner and the company participates in the evaluation and assessment of acquired competences and the learner's progress​.

The following tools are available for the awarding process:

Checklists for the sending - hosting
Certificate in EN, FR, DE, IT, CAT, IS, NL / customizable online
Stickers 2017 & 2018 to download

Logos & baselines to download