Mobility of apprentices in Europe

The European network to promote, implement
and enhance learning mobility for apprentices


Becoming member

Benefits and conditions
In order to be part of the network and get access to most of the EuroApprenticeship on line resources, your organisation needs to become a member of the network by completing and submitting a registration form (member's profile). Your organisation acknowledge that the information provided is true and accurate and agrees that your contact will be published on line.Your login will be your email address. You choose your own password when registering.
The validation of your registration will require 24 to 48 hours. You will receive an email once your registration is validated by our team.
As a member you can up-date your profile and change your user name and password. You can submit more contact persons from your organisation to your account (by creating “another contact”).

In addition, you can become an “awarding body” for delivering the EQAMO&CO label for companies involved in high quality “in-company learning mobility.  You will need to submit a supplementary application form and agree on related quality assurance conditions.  
You will receive an EQAMOB&CO charter when your admission is validated. Only awarding bodies will get complete access to all EQAMOB&CO tools. You can choose to submit the application at the same time when registering your profile or up-date the profile later.

Please note that there is no legal entitlement for being chosen as an Awarding Body in the framework of EQAMOB&CO. The decision is taken by the EuroApprenticeship network according to its rules and quality assurance framework and regarding the information filled in this application form. In some cases, representatives of the network may contact the applying organisation for further information.

See also: becoming an awarding body