Mobility of apprentices in Europe

The European network to promote, implement
and enhance learning mobility for apprentices


Certificate & Stickers

Certificate in EN, FR, DE, IT, CAT, IS, NL
Available to download and customizable online

Sticker 2017 to download (click on the picture)

Sticker 2017 EN

Sticker 2017 FR

Sticker 2017 DE

Sticker 2017 IT

Sticker 2017 CAT

Sticker 2017 ES

Sticker 2017 IS

Sticker 2017 FL

Stickers 2018 to download (click on the picture)

Sticker 2018 EN

Sticker 2018 FR

Sticker 2018 DE

Sticker 2018 IT

Sticker 2018 Catalan

Sticker 2018 ES

Sticker 2018 IS

Sticker 2018 FL