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Cyprus Republic

The VET training system in Cyprus Republic

Compulsory education lasts for ten years and covers pre-primary education, primary education, grades one to six and lower secondary education in the gymnasium, grades seven to nine. Students are accepted at the pre-primary school at the age of four years and eight months. At the end of the gymnasium, they receive a certificate. Most students in primary and secondary education (87,5% in 2008/2009, according to the
Statistical Service of Cyprus) attend public-sector schools, which are set up and funded by the government. The rest attend private-sector schools, which are mainly self-funded.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Cyprus Republic

Who is concerned?


In most cases, IVET mobility that takes place in the context of Leonardo da Vinci(L dV), is for the minimum period allowed by the programme, which is two weeks, due to school commitments. IVET students are in most cases placed in work environments.

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