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Czech Republic

The VET training system in Czech Republic

Compulsory education in the Czech Republic begins at the age six and lasts for nine years. The period of compulsory education is divided into two phases; an initial phase of five years and after which a certificate can be obtained and a second phase of four years after which a second certificate can be obtained. Obtaining the second certificate is a condition for entry into regular upper secondary education, usually at the age of 15.  Exceptions to these rules are pupils who make the transfer to a gymnasium with an extended programme directly after the first phase. 

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Czech Republic



Who is concerned?


The Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) and Comenius sub-programmes of the Lifelong Learning Programme are most frequently used for mobility in VET in the Czech Republic (Česká republika - ČR). The participants are normally pupils and teachers at secondary technical schools/secondary vocational schools (SOŠ and SOU).


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