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The VET training system in Denmark

Compulsory education starts at age 6-7 and lasts as a minimum nine years. The education is provided at the basic primary schools. Transfer to upper secondary education takes place at the age of 16. After having completed basic primary school, different options are open for the students. The pathways can basically be divided into an academic track and the vocational track.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Denmark


Who is concerned?

VET in Denmark is dual in the sense that periods of practical training are alternated with periods of school-based training. Two third of total curricular time in the main programmes is spend on practical training within an enterprise (or alternatively in a school workshop if there are no apprenticeship places available) and one third on school-based education. Before the student can start the main programme, he or she has to have concluded an apprenticeship contract with an employer. The system is highly decentralised.

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