Mobility of apprentices in Europe

The European network to promote, implement
and enhance learning mobility for apprentices



Euroapprenticeship is a network of competent bodies and intermediary organisations which provides expertise, information, help and support to any learning mobility project promoted by Vocational Education and Training providers, for the benefit of skilled crafts companies and of apprentices.

EuroApprenticeship network aims to develop partnerships and provide support in order to develop mobility on a wider scale.

The network acts like a “club” for members joining it. As a member of EuroApprenticeship you have access to the web-based collaborative platform through which you will find access to
  • A toolbox with specific information, tools supporting mobility projects
  • Agenda of events organised by members about mobility
  • A newsletter
  • An observatory with specific information necessary for a better understanding of apprenticeship training and organisation of learning mobility in Europe. The Observatory also will provide indications about the evolutions of the image or “brand awareness” of mobility, through a periodical EuroApprenticeship Barometer.
  • Peer learning activities and networking seminars for developing expertise and partnerships
  • Databases of members

In order to give more visibility to learning mobility and to valorise the role of VET providers and companies EuroApprenticeship creates and disseminates a “Trademark” for European Mobility of Apprentices. As a member you will have access to specific communication tools (logo, quality charters, etc.).

Please note that EuroApprenticeship does not provide funding of any kind.

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