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The VET training system in Finland

Compulsory education in Finland is a comprehensive system. It comprises nine years of basic education and lasts from age 7 to age 16. After successful completion of basic education, students can either continue in upper secondary general education or in upper secondary vocational education. Over 90% of students continue in upper secondary education immediately after concluding basic education. Of all students enrolled in upper secondary education 56 % (in 2004) was enrolled in a vocational programme.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Finland


Who is concerned?
 Apprenticeships in Finland  are an optional way of achieving a vocational qualification, a further vocational qualification or a specialist qualification, and provides the trainee with the access to higher education. It refers to a system of studies arranged in the workplace in connection with practical work assignments, which are supplemented with theoretical training provided in the vocational institution. Apprenticeship training is arranged for both young people and adults, but in Finland, differently from many other European countries, apprentices are mainly adults.

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