Mobility of apprentices in Europe

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The VET training system in France

The French education system has three levels: The first level consists of preschool and primary education, the second level of lower secondary education and upper secondary education and the third level relates to higher education. Compulsory school begins at the age of six and ends when pupils turn 16, thereby including primary education, lower secondary education and the first year of upper secondary school. Halfway through the lower secondary education pupils can choose between a general and a technical direction. For less well performing students there is the possibility to follow a work preparatory direction, which can be continued under the apprenticeship system after the transition from lower to secondary school.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in France

Who is concerned?

Apprentices aged 16-26 in initial vocational training and who have concluded a particular working contract with an employer. Training is completed in the company and in a vocational training centre. The duration of training is 1-3 years (as a rule 2 years) depending on the trade and the intended level of qualification.

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