Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Germany


Who is concerned?
The dual vocational training system – part-time training in companies and part time in vocational schools – is the most popular type of initial vocational education and training (VET) in Germany. Apprenticeship training is provided in about 340 recognized occupations. The duration of the training varies – depending on the occupation – from 2- 3.5 years. The practical training takes place in recognized learning companies on the basis of national training regulations and is supervised by the chambers of skilled crafts and chambers of industry and commerce, which are the competent institutions for VET in Germany. The theoretical training takes place in vocational schools and comprises about 20% of the total curricular time.
How mobility of apprentices is organized?
Placements abroad during initial vocational education and training are possible up to 9 months. They can be recognized as part of the apprenticeship training if skills, knowledge and competences acquired abroad correspond with the requirements of the national training regulation. Mobility during initial vocational education and training for apprentices needs to be approved by the employer and by the competent institutions (chambers) in order to be integrated in the training course. During the time abroad the sending company stays responsible for its apprentice and continues to pay the salary and social taxes. The apprentice also remains in the German social insurance system. As apprentices also have to attend vocational school, the placement abroad has to be fine-tuned in cooperation with the vocational school.

Sources of funding/Others mobility programs

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"Lets go": Leonardo-pool-project of the chambers of skilled crafts in Nordrhein –Westfalen

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”Training without Borders” – the mobility network of the German chambers
The network “Training without borders”, founded by the German Chambers of Skilled Crafts and the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, provides information and guidance for companies, apprentices and young skilled workers interested in transnational mobility in vocational education and training.

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