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The VET training system in Hungary 

Compulsory education starts at age 5 and lasts until the age of 17.
Kindergarten training may begin when a child reaches three years of age and is compulsory after age 5, and is followed by an 8-year long primary education. It can be offered by primary schools from the 1st to the 8th grade as well as by so-called six- or eight-grade grammar schools that usually target more talented/middle class pupils providing education for the 7th-8th and 5th-8th grades, respectively. Upon completion of primary education, students may go on to
Grammar schools that provide general education and prepare for the secondary school leaving certificate which is the prerequisite for admission to higher education. Alternatively, students may opt for VET schools to continue their studies. 

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Hungary


Who is concerned?


VET schools, training centres may – and they often do - recognise vocational practice taken abroad within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme as mandatory practice at home. In 2012 around 1600 VET students took part in vocational practice aborad within the framework of Leonardo programme.
The Europass mobility certificate is used most often in VET mobility projects: in 2012 1755 certificates were issued compared with 1344 in the previous year, most in connection with Leonardo mobility projects.

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