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Launching eMovA

Launching eMovA
Published Wednesday 17 December 2014
Training Pole Pasteur , FR is the project leader.  
Partners and wp leaders / participants at wp’s are APCMA (FR), FEREF (FR), EU-GES (DE) and HWK Aachen (DE), Waterpolis (PT), Formation PME (BE), Solski Center Velenje (SL).  The partners are member of EuroApprenticeship network and have expertise in organisation of mobility, the concept of virtual mobility and/or are able to test outcomes. APCMA (FR) guarantees the link to the EuroApprenticeship network in order to report, share experience and tools developed and building of a community of practice to support and develop the experiences among EAS members.

3 work packages are organised: one WP leader will coordinate the participation and contribution of all partners.
O1 Production of a pedagogical tool kit (Formation PME, BE)
O2 Tutorials for the use of TIC linked to virtual mobility tools (EU-GES, DE)
O3 Communication & information web space - e twining for VET (APCMA, FR)
Expected outcomes
1- Pedagogical toolkit and materials
10 pedagogical sequences for several blended learning mobility activities will be produced. They will be available online and directly integrate ICT tools (eg. moodle).
2 – Tutorial to assist in the use of ICT
ICTs are ubiquitous in life, to entertain, communicate, work ... However, their educational use is still limited despite the opportunities they offer. To change practices and facilitate educational appropriation of ICTs, the project eMovA will offer video tutorials designed to show and explain the potential and pedagogical use of ICT for virtual mobility.
3 – Communication & information web space (e twining for VET)
The tools and pedagogical materials and information about virtual mobility will be available on a web space dedicated on the EAS platform. The web space will also allow the communication and exchange between the members of EuroApprenticeship to prepare, follow and evaluate partnerships (e twining) and mobility projects. The device will be open to share new tools and materials created directly by users.