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The VET training system in Lithuania 

As stipulated in Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania (1992), education is compulsory for persons under the age of 16. The compulsory education is associated with completion of lower secondary education after which students can choose upper secondary general education or VET programmes.
The main difference between general and vocational upper secondary education is that IVET programmes are oriented towards the development of skills and competencies while in the general education curriculum priority is given to the acquisition of knowledge.  Another important difference is the existence of practical training; In the case of IVET programmes, practical training should comprise 60-70% of the total curricular time.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Lithuania 


Who is concerned?


In Lithuania, most mobility schemes target young people, one third of the schemes is open for this group. But also youth workers and adult learners can participate in different schemes. Pupils and teachers are the groups less targeted by the schemes of learning mobility.
The main tools for geographical mobility are projects in the framework of Life-long learning programme Leonardo da Vinci sub-programme. Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects are intended for the mobility of VET students, VET specialists and employees. Participants of mobility projects can visit any of the 31 European countries involved in the programme. 


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