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The VET training system in Luxembourg

Compulsory education in Luxembourg starts at age 4 and comprises 2 years of pre-school education, 6 years of primary education and 3 years of post-primary of lower secondary education (up till the age of 15). Post-primary education lasts for 6 to 7 years, depending on the option chosen; the choice is more of less already made at the transition from primary education to lower secondary education. Post-primary education can be divided into general secondary education and technical secondary education.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Luxembourg

Who is concerned?


Luxembourg is committed to promoting and facilitating outgoing/incoming mobility for learners, teachers and workers, especially within the ‘Grande Région’ (‘Greater region’, which covers neighbouring regions of LU, DE, BE and FR). A legal basis has been established for cross-border vocational training, easing the mobility of trainees, especially for jobs for which theoretical training is not available in Luxembourg schools. Given the fact that Luxembourg attracts many workers from neighbouring countries, it organises courses in the Luxembourgish language in France and Germany. A Germano-Luxembourgish secondary school has also been created.


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