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The VET training system in Malta 

Compulsory education in Malta is from age 5 to 16. Compulsory school starts with primary education at the age of 5. However, there is provision of schooling for children from the age of three, with more than 85% of the children attending pre-school. Primary education is six years long and consists of two cycles. The first cycle is called the early years and the final three years are called Junior year. Education in the early years is based on play, while it is more formal in the junior years. Secondary education is five years long, and currently there a no vocational subjects taught to students at this age. However, there are plans to introduce elements of vocational education at this level from 2011.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Malta 


Who is concerned?


The strategic countries with which MCAST, Malta College of Arts, is closely related are England and Germany. The close ties with England are reflected through the large number of BTEC courses which are offered to students. In the strategic
link with Germany is through Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft since they are the strategic partners through whom MCAST is offering top-up degrees at Level 6 qualifications within the vocational stream.


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