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MOB' INNOV – Inventory of pedagogical innovation to improve staff mobility (2019-2021)

Erasmus+ KA2 vocational education, exchange of good practices- 2019 1 FR01 KA202 063143
In the MOB' INNOV project, partners of ERASMUS+ staff mobility will identify, collect and present their exemplary practices in vocational teaching and training. A mutual reflection of these existing practices will improve our understanding of vocational excellence both in our own organisations and in Europe. The good practices will be presented in a common form of an inventory to improve the organisation and content of the ongoing staff mobilities, to help us learn from each other, and to facilitate the transfer of good practices. Partners will also exchange about methods for evaluation and impact assessment of staff mobilities.

Why is MOB' INNOV interesting?

  • MOB'INNOV project outcomes can be useful for all actors aiming at:
  • Developing high quality ERASMUS+ KA1 staff mobility: tools will available for the improvement of impact monitoring of VET staff mobilities
  • Identifying what innovation and excellence in VET mean in different contexts
  • Preparing for the future participation in the establishment and development of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) at the European level

1 - Develop knowledge of existing expertise among partners by

  • identifying areas of innovation and excellence to enrich the KA1 staff mobility
  • sharing definitions of pedagogical innovation and excellence in VET

2 – Promote innovation and excellence in VET by

  • identifying, collecting and sharing innovative practices in VET among the partners
  • presenting these good practices in a common useful form, accessible to a wider audience

3- Develop the quality of content and the organisation of KA1 staff mobility by

  • making staff mobilities more efficient and easier to plan for the partners
  • ensuring that staff mobilities meet better the needs of the participants
  • diversifying mobility formats and implementing reciprocal exchanges among partners

4 - Create conditions for transfer of good practices by

  • equipping the partners with evaluation tools to measure impact of staff mobility
  • promoting benefits implemented after the participation in staff mobility
  • establishing the groundwork for creating "centres of excellence" in VET
  • including new partners and strengthening the EuroApprenticeship network
Expected Outcomes / products

Definition of excellence in VET

Partners will exchange about the notions of innovation and excellence in VET and define common fields of excellence based on a study conducted by the European Commission in 2019:
Mapping of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs)[1]
Fact sheets of innovative practices
Partners will develop a common template allowing to identify, collect and present their expertise and innovative practices. New fields of innovation can be explored. The collection of innovative practices is the start of a "catalogue or inventory" that will be completed as the project progresses and could continue to be completed beyond the end of the project. This catalogue will help to plan and organise more efficiently the staff mobility programmes in the future.

Methods for monitoring and evaluating the impact of staff mobility

Partners will discuss methods for tracking, monitoring and evaluating the impact of the KA1 staff mobilities. Partners will explore possibilities how to valorise and share existing innovations and what has been put in place after a staff mobility (eg. creating a community of practice or a forum "Exchange of know-how" on the EuroApprenticeship platform. MOB'INNOV project will improve the quality and effectiveness of the ongoing staff mobilities, develop the peer-learning spirit of these exchanges, and showcase our good pedagogical practices to a wider audience. MOB'INNOV project will support our review of vocational innovation and excellence in the partner organisations, especially valuing our own flagship products in VET, as well as identifying our needs for further development and learning from others.