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The VET training system in Poland

There are two types of obligations in Poland – a school obligation and an education obligation. Compulsory school begins at the age of 6 and ends when the pupils turn 16, but the educational obligation last until the completion of the age of 18. This means that children must remain in the school system until they become 16, after that, they may leave the school system but they are still obliged to continue their education until they turn 18 years old. After graduating from lower secondary school – at the age of 16 – pupils have the following options.

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Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Poland


Who is concerned?
In the Polish education system, apprenticeship training appears as a special type of vocational education and training. It exists mainly in the craft sectors.
The Polish law does not provide a national definition of the apprenticeship system however the Labour Code states certain conditions and requirements concerning the status of young workers. Young workers are of age 16-18, because it is forbidden to employ a person below the age of 16. They must have fulfilled compulsory school.

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