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SME's opinion about mobility

Transnational mobility and benefits for companies

SME's become increasingly active on international markets. Therefore operational working processes and commercial processes require increasingly the application of foreign languages and intercultural competences.

In order to train apprentices and qualified worker appropriately about these competences a traineeship abroad is particular suitable. A traineeship abroad allows in particular acquiring foreign language competence as well knowledge about the working organisation, technics, technologies, products of other countries as intercultural aspects.

For the company the benefits are double: integrate employees with international know-how and developing international trade contacts and knowledge about foreign markets and new products. In brief, traineeship abroad offers the company the possibility:

  • To qualify employees internationally and with that to improve their competitive ability;

  • To establish economic contacts abroad, e.g. explore new markets;

  • To be able to present the company as an attractive employer and win thereby efficient and motivated apprentices and employees for the company.

The results left hand indicate the state of play of the SMEs involvement and standpoint regarding mobility.

If you have have already sent/hosted apprentices in mobility you can also give your opinion about:

  • your perceptions of mobility in Europe: attitude and trends
  • the values and benefits you associate to mobility
  • your involvement during the different steps of the process (preparation/ follow-up)
To participate, please find below 2 questionnaires (10 questions each), one for SENDING apprentices in mobility, the other one for HOSTING apprentices.The questionnaire is completely anonymous and can be answered online by clicking on one (or both) of the following links.

Thank you in advance for your contribution !

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