Mobility of apprentices in Europe

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Tools database

The tool database offers materials for knowledge sharing between a network of competent bodies and intermediary organisations.
Planning ahead and taking into account the different aspects of a mobility experience (logistic, administrative, financial and academic) is essential in order to take advantage of all its benefits.
A mobility experience may be structured in three time phases: before the actual experience takes place, the time spent in the hosting organisation, and finally the procedures for the capitalisation of the experience, financial report (if necessary), etc.
This is the structure of the tools database of the EuroApprenticeship network; it is intended to be used as a resource repository where users can retrieve or contribute tools, useful in any of the defined phases or sub-phases.
Tools in the BEFORE section are meant for the preparation at different levels and by all actors involved; several sub-phases, sometimes sequential, sometimes simultaneous, are proposed.
The tools in the DURING section are intended to help in the development of the different tasks to be carried out while the beneficiary is in the company, organisational or directly connected to the placement activities.
The AFTER section includes tools connected to the evaluation and valorisation / capitalisation of the mobility experience, always according to the contextual educational system and competence framework.
Members of the EuroApprenticeship network are invited to share tools and submit a tool considered as useful.  A selection committee will check if meet it meets a minimum quality criteria as transferability, number of languages in which it is available, reliable source and updated contents.

Preparation |
BEFORE the internship
Implementation |
DURING the internship
Follow-up |
AFTER the internship