Mobility of apprentices in Europe

The European network to promote, implement
and enhance learning mobility for apprentices


You host apprentices in mobility ?


I- Experience and implementation of mobility
1/ For how long have you been hosting apprentices in your company?
2/ Have you hosted apprentices in your company:
3/ How long does the mobility usually last?

II – Mobility and the company
4/ In your opinion, what are the main benefits of mobility?
2 answers max. per category
5/ According to you, is the role of companies in mobility taken into account and highlighted enough?
6/ Would the setting up of a recognition item (label, charter) for the companies involved in mobility be interesting to you?

III – Mobility set-up
7/ Are you informed enough about mobility?
8/ At the preparation stage to host the apprentice, your company was:
9/ At the follow-up stage, after the apprentice mobility experience, your company was:
10/ In the future, would you like to be more involved in:
11/ Would you agree to be contacted and share your experience of European mobility?