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ERASMUS+ Study visit

ERASMUS+ Study visit

ERASMUS+ Study visit of Chambers of Skilled Craft 

The french network of chambers of skilled craft are hosted by EAS member EUC SYD in Danemark. 
The 5 days visit focus on pedagogiacal innovation in apprenticeship: individualisation, modularisation  of training, cooperation with company as learning place and european learning mobility. 

Publiée le 26/01/2017
Multiplier event in Barcelona - EQAMOB&Co

Multiplier event in Barcelona - EQAMOB&Co

EQAMOB&CO Multiplier Event

The EQAMOB&Co quality label has been the subject of the multiplier event celebrated in Barcelona on 25th January at the headquarters of the regional Ministry of Education.
Publiée le 25/01/2017



Upcoming in 2017: EQAMOB&CO will start the awarding test phase soon. We will officially launch the Label during a seminar in Paris 4th-5th of May 2017

Publiée le 21/12/2016
30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Programme

30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Programme

2017 is the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Programme - a milestone for Europe!
2017, there will be events all over Europe to mark the anniversary.
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Publiée le 20/12/2016

Cross-border Cooperation in Apprenticeship and Vocational Training

Cross-border Cooperation in Apprenticeship and Vocational Training

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts of  Pyrénées-Atlantique and its partners Ikaslan Gipuzkoa and TKNIKA invite you to the Community of Practice "Cross-border Cooperation in Apprenticeship and Vocational Training" which will be organized on 23, 24 and 25 November 2016 in FICOBA In Irun (Guipúzcoa, Spain).
Publiée le 15/11/2016



40 participants from France and  Europe joined the EQAMOB&CO partners at the second EQAMOB&CO Multiplier event which took place the 8th November at the Regional Council in Clermont Ferrand.
Publiée le 10/11/2016
IMOVE Conference

IMOVE Conference

  iMove launch conference in Bologna 17th- 18th November 2016

Click here for iMove Website
Click here for the registration form
Click here for the conference program
Publiée le 10/11/2016
The European Vocational Skills Week

The European Vocational Skills Week

First European Vocational Skills Week

will take place from 5 to 9 December 2016 with events in Brussels and parallel activities in Member States, EFTA and EU candidate countries at national, regional and local levels.
Check the opportunities to take part
Publiée le 19/10/2016



The mobility scoreboard is a new online tool designed to complement the existing programmes and to help policy-makers develop learning mobility in initial vocational education and training across Europe.

Publiée le 17/10/2016


The benefits for business to interoperate with Europass.

Watch the video

Publiée le 07/10/2016

Long term mobility

Start of pilot project about long term mobility for apprentices

36 apprentice training centers from multiple training networks from 14 countries of the European Union(1) will start an experimental pilot project for long term mobility for apprentices. The first meeting will take place 20 and 21 september in Brussels.
Association pour la mobilité longue des apprentis en Europe .- in Compagnons du Devoir, 07/07/2016

Publiée le 01/09/2016


Ap n'Go partnerships


Publiée le 01/09/2016
EQAMOB&CO Multiplier event

EQAMOB&CO Multiplier event


Save the date

8th November 2016

Conseil régional Auvergne Rhône-Alpes / FRANCE

Publiée le 08/08/2016



Save the date
5th october 2016

Berufskolleg für Gestaltung und Technik / GERMANY

Publiée le 5th october 2016
EuroApprenticeship award to companies

EuroApprenticeship award to companies

EuroApprenticeship label 2016

More then 300 labels were delivered to companies in France, Germany and Iceland. 
Publiée le 15/06/2016
EAS label

EAS label

Publiée le 15/06/2016

Assises territoriales de la mobilité des apprentis

Assises territoriales de la mobilité des apprentis

Save the date: 30-31 Mai 2016
Lieu : Conseil régional de Bretagne (Rennes)

Publiée le 21/04/2016

The European Parliament calls for more apprenticeship mobility

The European Parliament calls for more apprenticeship mobility

In a recently adopted report, based on an initiative by MEP Ernest Maragall, the European Parliament calls for improved conditions for apprenticeship mobility.
Publiée le 06/04/2016

The 5th EAfA stakeholder meeting in Brussels, 17th March

5th EAfA stakeholder meeting in Brussels

Around 60 participants took part in the 5th stakeholder meeting of the Alliance.
Two workshops were organised, focussing on 1) improving mobility for apprentices and 2) developing an Apprenticeships Support Platform. Read the Meeting Summary or view the video recording.
Publiée le 04/04/2016


Developing long-term (6-12 months) transnational apprentice mobility placement schemes

Call for Proposals for a pilot project launched on 29 February 2016. The overall aim is to test the viability of setting up "A European framework for mobility of apprentices", to enable young apprentices to develop their skills and enhance employability, while strengthening their sense of European citizenship.
Publiée le 16/03/2016

CEDEFOP Mobility Scoreboard

Cedefop's Mobility Scoreboard project

will be a tool for monitoring developments in IVET mobility policies and the implementation of the 2011 Council Recommendation Youth on the movein European countries.

Publiée le 14/03/2016

ERASMUS+ report 2014

ERASMUS+ Report 2014

Preliminarily results of 2014 are presented in a report by the Commission. In line with the overall flat budget, the number of mobility applications remained stable compared to the previous programmes and in 2014, around 500,000 young people studied, were trained, volunteered or participated in youth-exchanges abroad. 150,000 staff members of educational institutions and youth organisations also got the opportunity to improve their competencies by teaching and training abroad.

Publiée le 14/03/2016

eMovA new page on EuroApprenticeship


A new page is on EuroApprenticeship resources & tools area for members about eMoVa the virtual mobility project for Apprenticeship. This project is funded with support from the European Commission (call for proposal Erasmus+) and Champagne Ardenne region.
Publiée le 26/02/2016
EAFA Network meeting Save the date

EAFA Network meeting Save the date

European Alliance for apprenticeship

Network meeting about mobility: 17 March 2016, 09:30-16:00, rue Philippe le Bon 3, Brussels
The meeting will highlight some of the key developments and achievements in 2015, and outline the perspectives and initiatives for 2016.
Publiée le 26/02/2016

New member 2016: SPFL Training

New member 2016: SPFL Training

SPFL is involved in the delivery of the Modern Apprenticeship programme on behalf of 22 Scottish professional football clubs funded by the Scottish Government through Skills Development Scotland. The Modern Apprenticeship programme is enhanced by European mobility for all apprentices funded through the Erasmus+ Key Action 1.
Brochure detailing more information on the company and the apprenticeship programme.
Publiée le 15/01/2016

New Member 2016: Lancaster and Morecambe College

New member 2016: Lancaster and Morecambe College

Currently running several KA1 & KA2 international mobility/research projects under the Erasmus+ programme. Lancaster and Morecambe College has been involved in a wide range of international activity over the last 15 years and have a highly skilled team dedicated to the management and organisation of mobility's for both staff and students.

To get in contact: Check the partners database

Publiée le 11/01/2016
EQAMOB greetings

EQAMOB greetings

On behalf of the EQAMOB team we wish you all an excellent start into 2016 !
Looking forward to meet you again in 2016 and to exchange about the progress of your and our projects!

Publiée le 04/01/2016
Results of the E+#lovemyapprenticeship contest

Results of the E+#lovemyapprenticeship contest

Results of the E+#lovemyapprenticeship contest
The winners of the photo and video competition for apprentices across Europe are:
Results of the contest click here

Publiée le 24/12/2015
Icelandic apprentices in Europe

Icelandic apprentices in Europe

                            Icelandic apprentices in Europe
IDAN receives recognition for the mobility project in presence of islandic Minister of education, science and sports M Ilugi Gunnarsson.

Publiée le 14/12/2015

EQAMOB questionnaire about label

EQAMOB questionnaire for companies on line:

A short surveyamong companies aim to understand

  • Why does a company choose to be part of a mobility action?

  • What could be the advantages of the label for them?

  • How a label could increase mobility and its quality?

English version: https://nl.surveymonkey.com/r/DTCTGRY
Publiée le 02/11/2015
#lovemyapprenticeship contest

#lovemyapprenticeship contest

European Photo and Video Competition


The contest runs from 26 October to 23 November , midnight CET
Publiée le 31/10/2015
French German Contact seminar

French German Contact seminar

Contact seminar OFAJ/DFJW- APCMA - DHKT 


Publiée le 30/10/2015


2nd Steering Committee and progress of KA2 project eMovA


Publiée le 30/10/2015


Platform for companies and organisations to connect with young people from across Europe

Drop'pin website
Publiée le 29/10/2015


Annual ECVET Forum

Applying the ECVET principles to strengthen the development and use of the skills needed by the labour market

Publiée le 14/10/2015
4th EAfA stakeholder meeting

4th EAfA stakeholder meeting

The 4th EAfA stakeholder meeting took place on 5 October in Brussels with two thematic
sessions: support for SMEs engaging in and regional approaches to apprenticeships.

See Newsletter  

Publiée le 08/10/2015

VALOR The new ERASMUS+ Platform

VALOR - The new ERASMUS+ dissemination platform

The platform includes details of all projects that received funding from EU Commission via ERASMUS+ programme. It links also ADAM and EST:

Publiée le 28/08/2015
European Alliance for Apprenticeships Newsletter July 2015

European Alliance for Apprenticeships Newsletter July 2015

European Alliance for Apprenticeships Newsletter July 2015

On 22 June, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships marked its first two years with a high-level EU Presidency event in Riga. It gained additional momentum with seven new countries joining the Alliance and 38 pledges from companies and other organisations.

Publiée le 28/08/2015
News from ADAM

News from ADAM

15.000 products in ADAM

ADAM platform enables users to carry out a simple research for suitable products from the area of vocational training and continuing education and training.
ADAMnewsletter 06

Publiée le 14/08/2015
Quality assurance in Higher VET

Quality assurance in Higher VET

Quality assurance in Higher VET

Since September 2014 six institutions have been working together on the Erasmus Plus project „Promoting and Implementing European Principles on Quality Assurance in Higher Vocational Education and Training” (QA HiVETnet). Contact details, newsletter and results are available on
Publiée le 04/08/2015
ePlatform for Adult Learning in Europe

ePlatform for Adult Learning in Europe

NEW ePlatform for Adult Learning in Europe

Join now to become part of Europe's biggest adult learning community!


Publiée le 06/07/2015
EQAVET - Quality assuring work-based learning

EQAVET - Quality assuring work-based learning

EQAVET - Quality assuring work-based learning
Six building blocks for quality assurance for WBL

Publiée le 06/07/2015
A Europe of talents: giving new impetus to skills acquisition through mobility for apprentices

A Europe of talents: giving new impetus to skills acquisition through mobility for apprentices

A Europe of talents: giving new impetus to skills acquisition through mobility for apprentices

Conference EESC / EU Parliament - Brussels, Belgium
This high-level conference, jointly organized by the European Parliament and the EESC Labour Market Observatory will be dedicated to the topic of the apprenticeship and the mobility of apprentices.
For more information, agenda and registration (until 29 May 2015) please click here.

Publiée le 21/05/2015
Impact study

Impact study

MOB GAE Project

The main aims of the project  are: to evaluate and disseminate the impact of international mobility experiences, in the frame of EU programmes, in a longitudinal perspective of a group of 2.500 former participants, concerning their personal and professional development and their awareness as European Citizens; to disseminate and exploit existing case stories, good practices, positive changes among the ex participants, the partners within and outside the consortium (enterprises, public institutions, NGOs), acting as promoters, hosting, sending and intermediary partners, interested in improving the quality of their work.
Publiée le 02/04/2015


PLACET Project

Supporting PLAcement Companies in European Training  2013-1-IT1-LEO04-04235 3
The project aims to improve the quality of the placement of trainees in transnational mobility, focusing on the role of hosting organisations. Interviews with companies and results of a needs analysis on the basis of interviews with comlpanies are available.

Publiée le 01/04/2015
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

EQAMOB collecte project and tools relevant for the quality assurance of mobility.
A first work document gives an overview anout existing projects and tools. For all supplementary information or a  tool you want to promote please send a mail to weger@apcma.fr 

Publiée le 30/03/2015

Request about partnership


The provincial Government of Pontevedra (Cooperation Department) looking for SME's or VET organizations willing to receive recent graduated VET students to undertaking a 6 months work experience
Contact: Cristina Prego c_pregodeoliver@icloud.com / info@pregodeoliver.com
Publiée le 30/03/2015

Next EQAMOB meeting

Next Steering Commitee EQAMOB

The next EQAMOB meeting will take place in Vienna, 11th-13rd May 2015. Main aims are to fine tune the collection of feedback about the label from companies and to take a step further about the common marketing strategy. A first position paper about "in-company learning mobility" and review of existing quality assurance guidelines will be discussed.   
Publiée le 11th-13th May 2015
Apprenticeship Forum CCI Nantes

Apprenticeship Forum CCI Nantes

Apprenticeship forum CCI Nantes

More than 1,000 apprentices and European trainers and 45 Learning Training Centres, from 17 countries, met on February 6th at the Nantes International Convention Centre, for a day of discussions about mobility, openness and professional development of apprentices.

Publiée le 06/01/2015

Presentations plenary session Launching event

EAS launching event

35 participants from 3 projects were at the  KA2 launcing event at the Campus93 near Paris. eMovA and EQAMOB started with their first steering committee, and a third project brought together 5 partners for a rewriting session for the next ERASMUS+ application round. During the plenary session, projecs were presented, some recommandations about "design thinking" discussed and the financial and administrative rules of KA2 ERASMUS+ project explained.
EQAMOB powerpoint
eMoVa powerpoint
KA2 Financial rules

Publiée le 24/12/2014
Launching eMovA

Launching eMovA

Launching eMovA

The eMovA project was successfully launched the 10th and 11th of December with 19 participants from all partner organisations involved.
To learn more about the project

Publiée le 17/12/2014

EAS launching event EQAMOB & eMovA

Launching ERASMUS+ KA2 partnership projects

The Euroapprenticeship network will launch the first partner meeting for the 2 Partnership projects EQAMOB and eMovA the 10th and 11th december in Paris. 35 participants are expected for common presentations and workshops. The progress of both projects will be communicated on the EAS platform and should allow further developments of fonctionalities about quality assurance and virtual mobility.
Agenda of the meeting   
Publiée le 10th-11th December 2014

Start of EQAMOB project

EQAMOB project

The EQAMOB project addresses the crucial issue of strengthening the quality of in-company learning mobility, notably for apprentices and companies involved. The project aims at designing, implementing and disseminating a quality assurance framework for learning mobility of apprentices, including a label to assess and give visibility to the involvement of companies in learning mobility (incl. a marketing strategy).
Publiée le 02/12/2014
European Apprenticeship Forum

European Apprenticeship Forum

European forum apprenticeship • Friday, February 6th 2015 - Nantes, FR

The regional council Pays de la Loire in France and his partners invite you to be part in a European event bringing together around 1000 apprentices and their subervising teams. To attend this event 200 euros maximum per participating apprentice will be allowed by the Regional Council of  Pays de la Loire. See more :


Publiée le 6th February 2015
PreMo Final conference

PreMo Final conference

PreMo final conference

The PreMo project www.preparingmobility.eu is coming to an end and invites to a final  conference in collaboration with TRACK initatives the 13-14th November 2014 in Trento (IT). The conference of the14th will be dediacted to Mobility skills needed in Europe 2020 and transnational  mobility as a way to promote HR management.


Publiée le 13th-14th November 2014

Perfect Match, Final conference

Perfect Match - International Seminar

for Bridging the Gap between the World of Education and the World of Work
in Helsinki, 26.9.2014
Getting More out of Mobility through Perfect Matching
Publiée le 26/09/2014

Q Placement Final conference

Invitation Q placement.net

THE FINAL CONFERENCE OF Q-PLACEMENTS NETWORK PROJECT will be held19th of September in Brussels.
Q-Placements.net is a European host companies’ network for the promotion of international workplace training for IVET students and apprentices.The consortium is composed by 13 partners from 10 countries, covering an area of 747 IVET schools, 228.586 IVET students and 733.488 companies.
Publiée le 19/09/2014


Results of QAFP  http://www.qplacement.eu

In line with the targets of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships the project Quality Assurance Foreign Placement in Europe (QAFP) aim to bridge the differences between the countries regarding the quality of work based learning within the companies offering a work placement.
Publiée le 09/09/2014
QAFP Final conference

QAFP Final conference


Final conference QAFP

the project results will be presented at a final conference the 3rd october 2014 in Lille.

Publiée le 3 october 2014

Results of french impact study on mobility in Europe and employability of trainees

Results of french impact study on mobility in Europe for apprentices

The study began in 2012 and was conducted over 2 years by the CEREQ, financed by 20 partners.To access:
Webdata and summary
Presse report


Publiée le 19/05/2014


Members projects:

Successful completion of I-CREATE project www.icreate-project.eu
Publiée le 05/05/2014
PreMo: Prepara la Mobilità

PreMo: Prepara la Mobilità

PreMo: Prepara la Mobilità

Four Italian administrations have improved their capacity to support mobility by adopting models and tools to support preparatory activities for mobility. A structural collaboration between regions is set up to provide optimal service for the beneficiaries of mobility. The so called "mobility agency operators " of the PreMo network are in charge of the provision of this service. Thanks to a network of contact and services, they are the right people to contact for any service or request for assistance connected with your mobility. The contacts are all in the Vortal. The First version of the Vortal is planned to be operational by the beginning of June 2014 and will be accessible via http://preparalamobilita.eu/.
Publiée le 05/05/2014

CEDEFOP conference

Cedefop conference to steer countries towards new apprenticeship partnership
 visit the conference website.

Publiée le 02/05/2014

Auvergne region Mobility

Regional Plan for the Development of the European Mobility of Auvergne region

Coordinated since 2008 by the Auvergne region, more than 70 regional training institutions developed mobility projects and benefits from training, technical writing support and help to conduct European mobility projects and identification of European partners:  

Publiée le 17/03/2014

New deadline ERASMUS+ KA1

Prolongation of submission deadline for applications for accreditation and mobility projects KA1

The deadline of 17 March 12:00 midday has been postponed until 24 March 12:00 midday (Brussels time) to give applicants more time to finalise their application.

Publiée le 17/03/2014

Thematic network work based learning

Thematic Network Work Based Learning and Apprenticeships (NetWBL)

Creation of a NetWBL  network of 29 European national agencies, coordinated by the German National Agency at BIBB. It is funded by the European Commission, Directorate General Education and Culture (DG EAC).
Publiée le 26/02/2014

ECVET seminar Prague

''ECVET for Mobility' Seminar in Prague : from Wednesday the 19th of March to Friday the 21st 

Please click here to find the seminar programme
You can also register directly  on line by clicking here
ECVET Team + 33 141 141 3 78
Publiée le 19/02/2014

Next Euroapprenticeship work meeting

Next EuroApprenticeship work meeting

A work seminar takes place Thursday 27th (14H00)  and Friday 28th  February 2014 (end 16H00) in Paris at APCMA to take stock of the actual network and the activities of the members and to prepare future ERASMUS+ cooperation and partnership projects.
Inscription file
Publiée le 16/01/2014
EuroApprenticeship labels awarded in Finland

EuroApprenticeship labels awarded in Finland

EuroApprenticeship labels awarded in Finland

Altogether eight employer organizations were awarded EuroApprenticeship labels in Finland in 2013. These organizations had fulfilled the label criteria in particularly good co-operation with the apprenticeship office for the apprentice mobility. Helsinki apprenticeship office has coordinated Leonardo da Vinci and other mobility projects for apprentices since 2001. In 2013 altogether 18 apprentices were sent and 20 were hosted.
Publiée le 07/01/2014
130 companies from Catalunya awarded

130 companies from Catalunya awarded

130 companies from Catalunya awarded

Generalitat de Catalunya awarded the EuroApprenticeship certificates through proposals by training centres that are active in mobility within the RECIPROCITY project and which participate in the call for proposals published by GENCAT every year. About 130 companies from various sectors were proposed and selected (hotel & catering, food sector, woodwork, hairdressers, automotive repair, care sector and other tertiary sectors etc.)
Publiée le 07/01/2014
Publication of Call for proposal

Publication of Call for proposal

Application for funding available

Organisations wishing to bid for funding in 2014 from Erasmus+ and Creative Europe can start to prepare their grant applications. The new Programme Guides for Erasmus+ and Creative Europe provide detailed information on how to apply and are now available.
check the call for proposal
Publiée le 24/12/2013

Optimiser l'organisation de la mobilité des apprentis sur les territoires

Seminar: Optimize the organisation of mobility of apprentices at regional level

This french seminary the 9th-10 January at APCMA brings together 65 representatifs of 2E2F Agency, French - German Youth office (OFAJ), Regional councils, the umbrella organisation of skilled craft chambers (APCMA), and chamber of commerce (CCI France), ANFA, Compagnons du Devoir, and DAREIC. It is the occasion to discuss and produce recommandations for a future coordination and concertation of regional actors in ERASMUS+.
Publiée le 24/12/2013



European Commission’s new programme education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020 has been adopted by the European Parliament on 19 November.

to see more


Publiée le 09/12/2013

International BIBB Conference Work-based Learning in Europe - renewing traditions

International BIBB Conference Work-based Learning in Europe - renewing traditions

the 4th and 5th December 2013 in Bonn: Link to the conference

Publiée le 4-5th/12/2013

Council Declaration on the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

Council declaration on the European Alliance for Apprenticeships
Link to the declaration

Publiée le 04/11/2013

Perfect Match

Perfect Match – Tools for High Quality Mobility Experiences (2012-2014)

is on line: http://www.perfectmatch.fi/
Perfect Match is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project. The goal is to develop tools to facilitate perfect matching placements.  


Publiée le 10/10/2013

Nordplus project Transmobility Final conference

Final conference Nordplus Transmobility 

After 3 year, project partners will present the outcomes of their cooperation among logistic departments across Europe working with heavy truck driving,warehousing and management.
More info about the conference program
Inscription form
Publiée le 04/10/2013
European Alliance for Apprenticeship

European Alliance for Apprenticeship

was launched in July and aims to increase the quality and supply of apprenticeships across Europe and to change mind-sets towards this type of learning.The European Alliance for Apprenticeships brings together public authorities, business and social partners, VET providers, youth representatives and other key actors such as chambers in order to coordinate and upscale different initiatives for successful apprenticeship type schemes. Key stakeholders with plans for concrete contributions to the Alliance can submit a pledge.
To learn more about the European Alliance for Apprenticeship: http://ec.europa.eu/education/apprenticeship/

Euroapprenticeship network signed a pledge in the frame of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship: APCMA commits itself together with the network members, to promote and spread the EuroApprenticeship label, in order to establish quality standards for the mobility of apprentices, and better acknowledge the involvement of companies in the mobility process.
Publiée le 03/10/2013

The french impact study of international mobility of apprentices: developments

The stay abroad : source of much satisfaction among apprentices

In May 2012  the French National Agency launched a study to measure the impact of international mobility on level IV and V apprentices.The mid term results have been diffused among the partners of the project.
Impact study

Publiée le 05/08/2013

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships

was launched in July and aims to increase the quality and supply of apprenticeships across Europe and to change mind-sets towards this type of learning.
To learn more: http://ec.europa.eu/education/apprenticeship/


Publiée le 24/07/2013


Euro DIM project

Thirteen partners from four European countries participated in the development of the EURODIM project and worked on Virtual Mobility which is a very interesting "tool" to prepare joung people before physical mobility. On the website http://cfpast.com/eurodim/ressources.php. you can find the summary of the experimentation.
Publiée le 28/06/2013
Outcomes of Peer learning activities

Outcomes of Peer learning activities

Report of Peer-learning activities

The present brochure summarizes the results of three Peer learning seminars conducted from 2011 to 2012 with more than one hundred members and experts from various backgrounds. Background papers and synthesis of the thematic will be soon available on the website.
Publiée le 25/06/2013



We are pleased to inform you about the Cedefop’s latest ECVET monitoring report available on the internet at: http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/publications/21204.aspx.
This is the third Cedefop analysis of developments in ECVET from June 2011 to September 2012 in 32 countries.
Publiée le 13/06/2013

Opening speeches

EuroApprenticeship event 6th-7th June

Read more about the opening speeches from APCMA and UEAPME 
Publiée le 6th June 2013


“ECVET Forum 2013”

takes place in Prague (Czech Republic) from 13rd of June to 14th of June 2013.
Please click here to find the Forum programme : Programme
You can also register directly on line by clicking here.
Publiée le 05/06/2013

EuroApprenticeship seminar in Rome

EuroApprenticeship seminar, Roma: European mobility in support of young employability

organized by Association of SMEs in Bergamo/Elfi Lombardia in collaboration with ISFOL – National Agency of Leonardo da Vinci sectorial LLP Program.
Publiée le 27/05/2013

EuroApprenticeship: What's next ?

EuroApprenticeship: WHAT’S NEXT?A new deal for the future network activities and the platform

Paris, June, 6th-7th 2013:  the seminar will be the occasion to take stock and review the impact, the use and outcomes of EuroApprenticeship and to present the priorities for the future activities recommended by the members. Workshops will allow to take a step further and design the future of the network together.  
Registration procedures
Confirmation file to return until 24 May

Publiée le 13/05/2013

Promotion of vocational training in the context of international cooperation and ERASMUS for ALL

Pologne, Warsovie - 23 Mai 2013

This event organised by ZRP will be concentrated on VET promotion, Euroapprenticeship results and mobility. It will be connected to the ungoing discussion about implications of VET system modernisation. 50 participants – education experts from craft chambers are forseen.
Publiée le 13/05/2013

New tool: EuroCatering in 12 languages

EuroCatering tool

now available in 12 languages
Publiée le 26/04/2013

Apprenticeship Training in Austria - The Dual System

Film about " Dual system" in Austria

An imagefilm about Apprenticeship Training in Austria - The Dual System in German / English
What is the "Dual System" in Austria? How does it work? Why do Austrian companies train apprentices?


Publiée le 18/03/2013

EUC SYD organise CEDEFOP Study visit

EUC Syd is hosting a CEDEFOP study visit

Sustainability and user-driven innovation in building and construction
7th to the 11th of October 2013

Publiée le 14/03/2013

Last call CEDEFOP study visits

Last call for applications for study visits

for education and vocational specialists and decision-makers
Application forms for the visits between September 2013 and February 2014 needs to be completed online at Cedefop’s website by 12h00 on 28 March 2013:


Publiée le 14/03/2013


ECVET for Mobility Seminar

The seminar takes place in Warsaw (Poland) from 3rd to 5th of April 2013. Please find the program of this Seminar here.You can also register directly on line by clicking here.
The ECVET Team + 33 141 141 3 78
Publiée le 04/03/2013


Resultats Euro-DIM

Le projet Euro-DIM, financé dans le cadre de l'appel à projet Leonardo Da Vinci-projets multilatéraux 2011, vise à développer un dispositif transférable et adaptable permettant aux organismes de formation professionnelle d'intégrer la mobilité dans les parcours sous apprentissage et plus particulièrement ceux dont le rythme d'alternance est court. Découvrez les ressources produites sur le site www.cfpast.com/eurodim.
Publiée le 19/02/2013

Study on Mobility Developments in School Education, Vocational Education and Training, Adult Education and Youth Exchanges

Study on Mobility 2012

Transnational mobility undertaken for learning purposes remains in many ways a curiously under-researched phenomenon, both from a pedagogical and a sociological angle. The report focuses on learning mobility in mobility schemes outside the European action programmes (the Comenius, Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci-strands of the Lifelong Learning Programme and the Youth in Action Programme), and it complements a similar study on mobility in higher education.


Publiée le 01/02/2012
IFA won Lifelong Learning Award

IFA won Lifelong Learning Award

Lifelong Learning Award

The project “AUPRAX 2010 – Schulwesen” from the IFA, member of EuroApprenticeship network got the Lifelong Learning Award for outstanding achievement!
DE: http://www.ifa.or.at/fileadmin/user_upload/Pressetext_DE.pdf
EN: http://www.ifa.or.at/fileadmin/user_upload/Pressetext_EN.pdf

Publiée le 22/01/2013

Etude d'impact de la mobilité internationale des apprentis

Etude d'impact de la mobilité internationale des apprentis

En mai 2012, l’Agence Europe Education Formation France (2e2f) a lancé une étude avec l’objectif de mesurer l’impact de la mobilité internationale des apprentis.
Plus de 400 apprentis interrogés, voici les premiers résultats

Publiée le 18/01/2013
First EAS label delivered

First EAS label delivered

EuroApprenticeship label for companies

During the last Euroapprenticeship seminar “European mobility: different realities for different challenges” the first EuroApprenticeship Label for 4 companies was delivered.
Publiée le 15/01/2013

Seminaire Clermont Ferrand

Le prochain séminaire Euroapprentissage « Mobilité européenne dans la formation professionnelle : quelles réalités pour quels enjeux ? »

est organisé par la région Auvergne à l'occasion de la finale nationale des 42° Olympiades des Métiers, Jeudi 22 novembre 2012 de 9h30 à 13h00.

Publiée le 22/11/2012