Mobility of apprentices in Europe

The European network to promote, implement
and enhance learning mobility for apprentices




In a first phase 2010-13, the Euroapprenticeship network developed a partner search database, information and tools. Peer-learning events were organised to discuss topics related to the organisation of learning mobility.  One particular event was dedicated to the mobilisation of companies and their role in the mobility organisation. As a result, the a BASIC “label” for companies was developed and is delivered by agreed members in the form of a customizable certificate. A checklist with some basic European criteria's is proposed to member to evaluate the participation of companies in learning mobility and make that more visible.     
In 2014 the founding partners and most active members of the network applied for an ERASMUS+ partnership project in particular to investigate further the quality assurance issues: How can we strengthen mutual trust and the development of partnerships among members of the network?

As a result, the EQAMOB project, European Quality Assurance for In-company Learning Mobility for apprentices, started end 2014.  EQAMOB aims at the design, implementation and dissemination of a coherent framework of action for high quality “In-company Learning Mobility pathways”. With EQAMOB, the network takes a step forward in quality assurance, not only as an individual learning process but shared cognition that results in the process of becoming a member of a sustained community of practice. For this purpose guidelines and tools for implementing quality assurance in “In-company Learning Mobility” were developed.

Coming soon:
  • A clear and effective definition of “In-company Learning Mobility”, focused on apprenticeships schemes, yet usable in other work based learning contexts
  • A description of high quality “In-company Learning Mobility” and guidelines
  • A set of checklists for accompanying the labelling process allowing a coherent approach for building-up of learning mobility pathways. These tools addressing all stakeholders, including hosting and sending companies (which train apprentices).
  • A marketing plan
  • A label toolbox & communication tools