Basic information about mobility of apprentices in Hungary

Who is concerned?


VET schools, training centres may – and they often do - recognise vocational practice taken abroad within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme as mandatory practice at home. In 2012 around 1600 VET students took part in vocational practice aborad within the framework of Leonardo programme.
The Europass mobility certificate is used most often in VET mobility projects: in 2012 1755 certificates were issued compared with 1344 in the previous year, most in connection with Leonardo mobility projects.

How is mobility organized?


The Leonardo da Vinci programme represents the largest single source of funding for mobility in the area of vocational training, specifically in initial VET. Other sources of funding exist at national, bi-national or multinational level, but it is not possible to establish reliable statistics of their activity. The same can be said of company-funded schemes.

For more info, please read the Study on a comprehensive overview on traineeship arrangements in Member States (page: 460-481.)

Sources of funding / Other mobility programs and initiatives


The Tempus Public Foundation is a non-profit organization established by the Hungarian Government and is responsible for managing international cooperation programmes such as the Lifelong Learning Programme (with Leonardo as one of the subprogrammes) and strengthening the European dimension in mobility.

Within the framework of the ’HATÁRTALANUL’ (Without borders!) programme of the Bethlen Gábor Fund Management cPlc. Hungarian VET schools organise field trips and study visits to Hungarian minority VET schools abroad, in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Ukraine. It started as a pilot programme in November 2009, supporting exchange programmes for Hungarian students in Hungary and abroad. Within the framework of the programme, Hungarian VET schools can apply for grants to organize field trips and study visits of apprentices to implement various joint projects.



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