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Outcomes PLA sessions

Peer-learning outcomes

The current research into how to make mobility more available to young people in vocational training has been largely conducted through Peer Learning Activity (PLA) seminars. These meetings, lasting one or two days, brought together representatives from EuroApprenticeship member organisations and experts to share experiences and exchange opinions on problems, needs, constraints and possible solutions. Thinking together and exchanging ideas has proved to be a very effective way of producing results in terms of tools, plans and practices that take account of on-the-ground constraints or obstacles, and thatcan be widely and rapidly implemented.

The present brochure summarizes the results of three PLA seminars conducted during 2011 to 2012 with more than one hundred members and experts from various backgrounds.

Further information, background papers and synthesis for each PLA:

How to foster and better recognize the involvement of companies in the mobility process?



Toward recognized mobility, ECVET as a tool for learners and companies


Virtual mobility: what can information technology add to the mobility experience ?

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