Basic information about mobility of apprentices in the Netherlands 


Who is concerned?


Compared to all upper secondary VET students, the number of participants registered in upper secondary VET
via the Leonardo da Vinci programme and the very modest BAND programme (Dutch-German exchange) in
2008 was 0.54% (a total of some 2,700). In 2004, this was 0.33% (at least a two-week stay abroad).

Four forms of activities can be seen as priority activities in the Netherlands. More than half of all schemes promote work placements. In 9 mobility schemes, participation in courses and ‘other’ activities is promoted. Youth exchanges are sponsored in 8 mobility schemes. Different other activities like study tours, language classes or volunteering still play a role, but only to a minor extent 


How is mobility organized?


Ministries are the main funding agencies in the Netherlands but do not implement mobility schemes. The practical implementation is delegated to public national institutions or other agencies. The same applies to provincial public institutions.



Sources of funding


This registered mobility is not the entire picture. In addition to mobility in a programme context (Leonardo daVinci/BAND), there are free riders who spend part of their studies abroad. Over-18s who wish to pursue a fulltime upper secondary VET programme abroad can take their Dutch student grant with them to an as yet 16 restricted number of countries.
The Netherlands supports the emphasis on learning mobility and is willing to bring its own aims for secondary vocational education into line with the European benchmark, which has yet to be determined. The government has earmarked € 10 million for 2011 for incoming and outgoing mobility of outstanding student.
NGOs also play an important role as funding and implementing agencies. Private companies hardly play a role in the field of learning mobility schemes.
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